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2013-07-21 13:51:01 by BillroyandJonjon


My Dick

2013-05-26 16:19:20 by BillroyandJonjon

look I haven't been up to a lot of shit lately because I really don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I really have never learned how to draw and I still don't know how gimp works (my art program I use because it was free.) but now I have taken some online bullshit classes. I learned how to draw people (no thanks to the internet T-T ). now all I need is $1000 for a drawing tablet so I can stop using this shity ass mouse for all my art work! after that I need $2000 for the adobe set... cartoons are fucking expensive.

My Dick

Holy shit

2012-11-12 22:48:24 by BillroyandJonjon

When the fuck did i get on "popular art" and holy shit a email from Tom Fulp! You know my birth day's in two days and this... this is pretty swell.


2012-04-09 23:40:43 by BillroyandJonjon

my thing sucks and i probably will get blammed. i am working on two other animations that are better in every way. yep, for all those immaginary fans out there

i put everything i wanted to say in that first subject thing. yeah

i dont know how this works but if it works out well cool,
we are two comic writers and will be posting comics soon. soon, mabie a few months